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Manila, Philippines- Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 went out of control and overran railway on Aug. 13 taking up 39 passengers injured in EDSA Taft, Pasay City.

Atty. Hernando Cabrera, MRT 3 spokesperson, stated that the train got delayed at Magallanes and Taft Avenue stations after losing power where it was carrying southbound passengers.

He added that the train was pushed to the nearest station but the coupling got disconnected and suddenly the train moved without power and bumped into the stopper. It also hit a concrete lamppost and destroyed a parked sports utility vehicle and a motorcycle of Pasay City traffic enforcer.

Cabrera also said that MRT 3 officials were still conducting an in-depth investigation of the accident. He clarified that the coupling was the issue but he however questioned why it got disconnected.

The accident caused a heavy traffic along Southbound EDSA and reached Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong.

The MRT management apologized for the accident through their twitter account dotcmrt_3 where it said, “Advisory: We are currently undergoing necessary intervention for the technical problem encountered. We apologize for the inconvenience TY.”

The management also showed their regrets to the unfortunate accident and extended all necessary assistance to the injured and to people involved.

However, the management assured that its operations remain normal but passengers should expect delays.

Meanwhile, Pasay Police Chief Sr. Supt. Florencio Ortilla said that the injured passengers were brought to Pasay City General Hospital, San Juan de Dios Hospital at Adventist Medical Center.

He said around 300 to 500 passengers were on board in the wayward train.


Kaye Anne B. Oraller

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