David Kilpatrick uploaded a video of two traffic enforcers accusing him being on the left lane of the road while driving.

Kilpatrick reacted because according to him, every time he passes through that road, traffic enforcers always call him and tell him he was on the wrong side of the road and ask fine from him of five hundred pesos cash.

Kilpatrick knows the rules. That’s the reason why, he said, he always stay on the middle lane when he drives, but it seems like the traffic enforcers don’t listen to his explanations. One time, while driving, Kilpatrick made sure to capture a video to prove his innocence.


It is not the first time that traffic constables ask money to motorists. Recently, two traffic officers received 90 days suspension by reason of engaging in corrupt practices. The said constables were assigned along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

“This is part of our regular efforts to cleanse our ranks. We will never tolerate any wrongdoing from our employees,” said Chairman Francis Tolentino of MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority)

One of the most common complaints by Metro Manila motorists against MMDA traffic enforcers is extortion. Those who were caught violating traffic rules were often threatened by these corrupt officers with foolish fines, only to offer settlement with bribe money to avoid disturbance from other motorists.

Walter Marc Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Kickerdaily, Facebook

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