WORRIED ON the real status of her daughter’s case, Mrs. Editha Dacanay, mother of Rose Policarpio Dacanay who has been in Saudi jail since July 2013, said she is confused as she has been receiving conflicting information from her daughter herself, from an official of the Philippine foreign affairs department, and from fellow inmates of her daughter.

In her email to Mr. Omar Pangarungan (a copy of which was sent to Migrante-Middle East), an official of the Philippine department of foreign affairs (DFA) office of the undersecretary for migrant workers affairs (OUMWA) dated August 9, 2015, Mrs. Dacanay said, “I am receiving conflicting information from different sources about the status of my daughter’s case.”

“When Rose called me, she said her case is already closed because the family of the victim has not been attending hearings. Hearings were stopped since 2014 but until now there is no decision yet,” Mrs. Dacanay quoting her daughter when the latter managed to call her a month ago.

Rose has not been released from jail because her original and first employer does not want to sign her exit clearance, according to Mrs. Dacanay in the same letter sent to DFA’s Mr. Pangarungan.

Mrs. Dacanay, however, quoting the Philippine foreign affairs department her daughter Rose is a “candidate for death row”.

“This was first mentioned to us when I was in a dialogue at the DFA office and it was confirmed later on by Mr. Charles Jose during media interviews,” Mrs. Dacanay pointed out.

Mr. Charles Jose is the current DFA’s spokesperson.

“I also received a call from the DFA that Rose hasn’t been freed because the case hearings are ongoing,” Mrs. Dacanay averred.

“I am now puzzled on what is the real status of my daughter’s case,” said Mrs. Dacanay, adding that conflicting information brought so much worries to her and her family.

This made her decide to communicate with DFA’s Mr. Pangarungan in the hope of getting reliable update on her daughter’s case.

According to Mrs. Dacanay, Mr. Pangarungan briefly replied to her email saying that he will be inquiring from the Philippine post on the latest status of Rose case.

Rose was implicated in the murder of her employer, a female Lebanese doctor, on June 2013. She denied the allegation and said that the perpetrators even attempted to rape her.

She was deployed sometime on May 2013 as a domestic helper.

In less than a month, she was transferred without a new contract to another employer who was the female Lebanese doctor.

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