An officer of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has lost his temper after he caught citizens crossing in the wrong lane.

MMDA officer Mark Ian Galang from Monumento Caloocan has been reported doing violent action towards citizens he caught jaywalking.

One of the citizens caught was Kathleen  Palaganas She posted on her facebook account what happened. According to her from Monumento they crossed in the right lane when suddenly officer Galang came to their position and told them they were jaywalking. The officer asked for their IDs then started shouting at the pregnant woman who were also caught together with them.

“Galit na galit siya at sinabing kakasuhan daw niya ng assault ast sabi niya i-vivideo dawn g mga kasamahan niya kami,” Palaganas mentioned in her post.  ( He was very mad  and said he will sue us with assault and let his other comrade take a video on us.)

Palaganas further mentioned that later, the officer came with two policeman saying he will send the pregnant woman to jail. The woman was not able to do anything but cry and yet officer Galang was still mad and keep cursing the pregnant woman. He did not stop until the point that the police officer were the ones asking for forgiveness for the rude attitude of the MMDA officer.


Manila Channel sent a message to MMDA prior to this issue. MMDA replied saying that the officer is already under investigation and will get in touch with the Anti- Jaywalking department regarding the issue.

In the MMDA website the protocol for traffic officers when apprehending traffic violators cited that they should:

-Greet the driver with respect and identify yourself
-Inform the driver of his violation
-State your authority
-Respectfully ask for his driver’s license
-Inform the driver not to alight from the vehicle
-Should there be any complaint. State the availability of the TAB for lodging a complaint within (5) days or the Roadside Traffic Arbitration during apprehension (on site).

However, this is not the first time that subjects that involve MMDA officers and their questionable actions where heard out loud. Last December 1, 2014, Kicker Daily News published a news story on the third motorist that filed complaint against MMDA enforcer who punched on the complainants vehicle as the enforcer shouted invectives at her last February 27, 2013.




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