In between the howling sounds of bomb explosions and gun fires, you would hear people singing our national anthem, head held high looking at the fury sky, trying to overcome the fear that’s inside their minds. Dropping bodies of courageous soldiers in combat areas and innocent civilians who were trapped inside the warzone. These scenarios are just few of the many agonizing realities that every soldier, journalist and civilian face every day in Marawi that has been featured in this documentary. Glimpses of how the peaceful City of Marawi turned into a fiery warzone that trembles the whole nation.

Marawi Special Full Episode: 'Di Ka Pasisiil

Watch our full special episode on the Marawi siege showcasing a different perspective from the eyes of journalists Chiara Zambrano and Jeff Canoy. Both shared anecdotes from the war zone, revealing the true cost of this bloody siege. #MarawiClash #MukhaDiKaPasisiil

Posted by Mukha on domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Street shots and anecdotes shared by journalists, Chiara Zambrano and Jeff Canoy revealing the true cost of this war of uncertainties to everyone. A battle not just for the city and for the lives of everybody but a skirmish to protect our sovereignty and freedom against the threat of Maute-ISIS group that occupied the city and aimed to raise their own flag as a symbol of their adherence to their group’s ambition.

This documentary has featured different stories inside the war zone. Stories of pain, fear, courage and hope that enveloped the peaceful home of Maranaos for more than a month now. This documentary featured the story of Abdillah, a young boy who fled Butig town and moved to Marawi with his family to seek for a safer area where they can live normally. Unfortunately, this boy died when a sniper bullet pierced through the wall of the mosque and hit his head. Abdillah perished, and his body lied down on the rug where he was offers his prayer for peace to Allah.

Another story that this documentary have featured is the story of Saipoding Maliga a courageous husband that would literally cross the war and put his own life into danger just to save her dying wife. A warrior that would bring only a plastic bag, with water bottles, banana and a piece of egg pie to the war zone to help her starving wife who was trapped for more than a week.

Other stories of civilians struggling to flee the city and seek some safe shelter outside of Marawi were featured in this documentary as well. Journalists who were compelled to cover the siege have experienced similar things as they took risks everyday just to gather and deliver significant news to the public.

This documentary also featured brave soldiers who continued fighting to defend our freedom and our land, struggling in every face of the battle. Brave soldiers, who sacrificed their lives just to fulfil the duty that they have pledged for our country, were also featured in this documentary.

These and many other stories featured in this narrative will surely touch your patriotic heart and it will leave a significant impact and a change of perspective about this war. This documentary will let you understand that this war in Marawi isn’t about two forces battling for their different purposes. This war isn’t about who will win or who will be defeated. This war is something else.


Reported by: Jhonpaul Lacson, Bill Germinal

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