Ronchie Aquino Enriquez posted photos of a man in his Facebook account, named Domingo B. Miranda, age 47 to help him find his way home back to his family in Zambales.

The said man was seen on August 6, 12:30 pm at Inasal Quiapo while Ronchie was taking his lunch by that time.

Then, suddenly the man (Miranda) just blackout in front of Ronchie’s table. Later, they find out that he had fainted due to not eating for almost 3 days in arrow.

Domingo B Miranda Domingo B Miranda_1 Domingo B Miranda_2

When the man, was finally back to his senses again; they gave him something to eat and he started talking that he lost his job and had nothing but a kidney disease.

Enriquez describes the man having the symptoms of depression.

Miranda is now homeless and vagrant around in some areas of Manila.

Now, Enriquez’s Facebook status had gathered and generated 4, 552 shares from the social networking sites.

Let us help this man find his way back home to his family in Zambales.

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