A video of a group of kids in a tagay, or drinking session, recently surfaced online on the Facebook Page Kupal Lord, drawing widespread condemnation from netizens.

The kids can be seen sitting in a circle, passing around a shot glass and cup of chaser, complete with pulutan and loud music blaring around them. One child can be seen refilling the shot glass with The Bar, a local brand of vodka.

What’s worse, the video clearly shows an adult recording the children as they drink, which only provoked angry reactions from Facebook users.  Other adults can also be heard encouraging the children, exclaiming, “wow!” after a child finishes their shot.

The caption of the video reads:


Hoy mga tsikiting patrol ang babata nyo pa dapat nag pipiko o nag chachinese garter pa lang kayo. HINDI NAG IINUM!!!
Yung mga matatanda naman walang ginagawa ‘di yata nila alam ang epekto ng alak sa katawan ng mga bata.


Not sure kung bagong video lang ito or luma pero maling mali talaga eh. Hayss

Some netizens contend the children may only be drinking water (as The Bar is a clear beverage), but others pointed out how the children clearly have difficulty drinking the liquid in the shot glass. Details have yet to surface on where the video or when the video was taken.

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