MANILA, PHILIPPINES—Few more investigations to go and it’s a hole-in to the Cadavero-Panogalinga murder case that now appears to be a rubout.

“It appears a rubout, but we are still completing the pieces of evidence so that it can stand in court,” PNP Chief Director-General Alan Purisima disclosed yesterday.

He added that there has been no firefight in the incident that Ricky Cadavero and Wilfredo Panogalinga were killed.

This is in contrast to the reports saying the two Ozamiz robbery gang leaders were shot dead in a firefight after trying to grab firearms from their police escorts when unidentified armed men fired at the police convoy.

Dr. Antonio Vertido, Head of the NBI Medico-Legal Team from Region 4-A, said that there were no injuries seen on the extremities that would indicate that the victims struggled during the incident.

In line of this, Purisima said that they will not tolerate whatever rubout will be executed by their co-police officers.

He also said that he already approved the pre-charge investigation of those people involved in the case. This includes 15 policemen including CALABARZON’s Regional Police Head Chief Superintendent Benito Estipona.


Written by:

Ram Idebert A. Hilario
ABCom Intern
Leyte Normal University