Mere “slap on the wrist” for abusive top Labour official in HK

“For the second time, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) under Sec. Rosalinda Baldoz’ leadership, has proven to be a coddler of abusive, corrupt and neglectful labor officials. Impunity reigns in DOLE to the detriment of our overseas Filipino workers.”

This is the reaction of Vicky Casia-Cabantac, Chairperson of the MIGRANTE Partylist – Hong Kong on DOLE’s ruling of “simple misconduct” on the charges of “grave misconduct” and “conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service” filed by the Coalition of Service Providers for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong (CSPEM) against former Labour Attaché to Hong Kong Manuel Roldan.

The charges stemmed from former Labatt Roldan’s approval of the application for accreditation of Magnificent Maid Employment Agency, which is owned by Frances Danielle Retirado, daughter of Donald Retirado who was a POLO local hire and Labatt Roldan’s driver during the agency’s accreditation.

Other bases for the charges were the alarming increase of employment agencies’ accreditation, around 90 agencies during Mr. Roldan’s term, and the unfavourable and compromising handling of conciliation/mediation between employment agencies and OFWs whom they (agencies) charged illegally for placement fees.

“It is unconscionable for these abusive government officials to go unpunished simply because they are being coddled by their boss”, Casia-Cabantac added.

“This is the second time that Sec. Baldoz allowed her abusive officials in Hong Kong to go unpunished,” Casia-Cabantac said referring to the case of former Labor Attaché to Hong Kong Romulo Salud who was caught in a recorded audio scolding an OFW for complaining against an employment agency.

“Where is justice in this? There is impunity in DOLE and our workers are the victims,” Casia-Cabantac averred.

The Migrante leader said they would inform their colleagues in the Makabayan bloc in the House of Representatives to seek a possible congressional investigation on this case.

“We will not take this lightly. We cannot allow abusive officials in the public service to go unpunished. They must be made accountable for their wrongdoings and abuses. The same goes to Sec. Baldoz who has been proven to be a protector of abusive labour officials and erring employment agencies,” Casia-Cabantac concluded. PR

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