June 12, 2015, a video captured by a cellphone where a girl passenger encountered the “hulog hulog piso gang” in Cebu.

The incident happened inside of a jeepney with route number 13C passing Tambalan to Colon and vice versa, according to YouTube user “astig tao”.

In the video the girl passenger was in between of 3 men, the man in white shirt is the one who acted like he unintentionally dropped a coin taken from his pocket.

The suspect in white shirt distracting the victim, man in green shirt is busy pocketing the victim’s white wallet using his right hand covered by a knapsack without noticing it by the girl, while the man in gray shirt served as a lookout of the modus operandi.




Hulog hulog piso

Lag lag Pera Gang

The same incident from Jericho last July 19, 2014, Tuesday, 3pm – Going home after his work, he usually wait for a jeepney bound to JRU from Antipolo at the Rosario footbridge near Jollibee. He never thought he would be the target of that bogus gang.

He went in the jeep and seated at the right side where another 2 were also there. One side of the jeep can accommodate 10 passengers and during that time, there side can still fit 6 more.

He noticed that the guy beside him had a satchel which was big enough to cover his hand while snatching his cellphone that was in his front pocket. Good thing the suspect sat at the cord of his headphones so he pretended to fix his things while pulling back his cord. He could really feel the bastard’s hand as the suspect was robbing him, but he pretended not to know as he knew they were gonna make a scene.

So always be extra alert whenever commuting, secure your belongings or better if you can avoid bringing expensive gadgets in public places. It seems that many people have already been victimized by them.

Jynvel R. Anguren
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Hulog Hulog Piso Gang youtube.com, when in manila.com


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