Mutya ning Sto. Cristo 2012, Elena Marie Utulo Cordova.

Guagua – This first-class municipality in the province of Pampanga belongs to the Second District and is about 9.5 kilometers off the capital City of San Fernando and 77 kilometers away from Metro Manila. Beauty pageants abound from the barangay to municipal level and a fine number of young ladies have fulfilled their once in a lifetime dream of becoming a beauty queen.

Elena Marie Utulo Cordova, 18, had her first pageant in early April of this year when she became one of the 7 official candidates for Mutya ning Sto. Cristo 2012. She has her roots from the said barangay. The weeks of rehearsals and different activities culminated in the Coronation Night on May 2nd where Cordova was crowned winner of the event. When asked about which portion of the search did she enjoy the most?

“I felt confident during the Long Gown competition and the Final Question and Answer portion because I think I was able to carry myself well and I was able to let the audience and judges know how special Barangay Sto. Cristo is.”

In August, Cordova was nicely informed that she may not be able to represent Barangay Sto. Cristo in the search for Mutya ning Guagua 2012 due to some valid reasons. She wasn’t disheartened but instead, went on to look for appropriate ways so she could still join the search, thus, she was asked to represent San Juan 1st, where her father has relatives.

Being one of the 23 official candidates, Cordova has learned to deal with time management as she is a Third Year BS Accountancy student of the Guagua National Colleges from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is spent for rehearsals and other activities involving the Mutya search. Gaining friends is one of the most important opportunities she cherishes most about joining beauty pageants.


Mutya ning Guagua 2012 will hold its Pre-Pageant at SM City Pampanga Event Center on November 24th and the Coronation Night on December 7th.

Cordova, representing San Juan 1st at the Mutya ning Guagua 2012 pageant.

(Che Tiongco David, correspondent ; photo credit to Ms. Haydee Valencia, Mutya ning Guagua 2012 Documentation Officer)