MANILA, Philippines-Environmental advocacy group Panalipdan-Southern Mindanao Region has slammed both the continued incursion and reclamation activities of China in Mischief Reef and the scheduled US-PH Balikatan military drill in the country.


“We call on the US, China, and even Australia, which will also participate in the Balikatan, to stop making the Philippines their playground for their war games,” said Kim Gargar, spokesperson of Panalipdan-SMR.


The US-PH military exercises will take place in Palawan, Panay, Pampanga, and many other areas in the country.


According to Gargar, the recent action of China does not contribute to peace-building in the region given that the archipelago west of Palawan is being contested by several countries.


“It is tantamount to bullying, and we cannot accommodate another bully in the country which has not yet fully achieved democracy after centuries of colonization,” Gargar said in a statement.


Gargar also accused Pres. Benigno Aquino III for the “escalating threats to Philippine environment.”


“It appears that he has already included China in his set of masters, which includes first and foremost the US and other countries which have interests in the country’s natural resources such as Japan, Australia, and Europe,” he added.


The group vowed they will highlight all environmental disasters which happened under Pres. Aquino administration during the Earth Day celebration this week.


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