Texting while driving is a definite no-no, not only in the Philippines but in the rest of the world. But how about playing “Clash of Clans” on your smartphone while driving-with paying passengers in your car?

Netizen Phoebe Nicolas not only encountered such a rude driver, but he also lashed out at her when she asked him to focus on the wheel instead of getting his hands on the popular game “Clash of Clans.” In a Facebook post, Nicolas narrated how she got into an FX taxi from a popular mall in Manila, only to find the driver playing the said game instead of being vigilant on the road. But after calling out his attention, the driver lashed out at Nicolas and returned her fare so she can transfer to another vehicle.

FX Driver Playing Clash of Clans on the Road Lashes Out at Female Passenger

See her post below:

“Just this afternoon, I was riding this FX on my way home from the Pila in front of Mega A. I sat next to the driver so I couldn’t help but notice that he’s playing clash of clans while driving. When we reached Exchange Road, I got really concerned so I politely told him “kuya wag ka sana mag laro ng games sa cellphone mo while driving”, in which he answered me back with “anung pakielam mo?”. I was really speechless after hearing his response. Then I told him that I’m just concerned kase baka mabanga kame. He got agitated and told me to transfer to another FX. He pulled over and handed me back my 23 pesos fare and told me “lumipat ka na lang para di na tayo mag talo”. I said “cgeh po”, got off the FX and took this picture before he could speed away (di ko sya kinunan ng pic, baka sapakin ako hahaha). But I was shaking kase parang ako pa masama sa pag saway ko sa kanya. Nakakaloka si kuya, so kung nabangga pala kame or if he hits a pedestrian, sasabihin nya “anung pakielam ko?, busy ako sa mga kalaban ko sa clash of clans”, ganern??? Eh di wow! I really hope this reaches LTFRB. I tried to call the “hows my driving” hotline but it was only ringing. I’m not trying to make pasikat here or something. Most of us are commuters and concerned tayo sa mga PUV na sinasakyan naten. I may sound atribida for others, but at the end of each day, all we want is to get home safe”.

Nicolas added that she tried to call the “How’s my driving?” hotline on the said FX taxi unit, but the phone was left unanswered. The post has since gone viral, with a call to the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board to look into the said issue.

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