A FORMER ALLY of Pres. Benigno Aquino III is planning to file a case against the president after he will step down from office this June over the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and the Mamasapano tragedy which claimed 44 lives of the country’s elite police force.

“I am certainly open to that. As you know, the main reasons why I resigned are three things. The  ‘Daang Matuwid’ became ‘Daang Baluktot’. I asked for the dismissal of the mastermind of DAP which was Budget Sec. Butch Abad, this criminal is still there until the end.

“The Mamasapano tragedy, the president committed a grave crime against the Filipino people by not accepting command responsibility for something he gave the green light to which served the interest of the United States rather than the Philippines. Third, the president is not serious with the Freedom of Information Bill, pinaikot-ikot lang kami,” said former Akbayan party-list congressman Walden Bello now a senatorial candidate.

“These are the reasons why I resigned. My party continued to support him, i could no longer support him, and I think best way is to resign as representative of Akbayan,” Bello said.

Bello said that if he will make it to the Senate, he will certainly file a case against the president on said issues.

“But I have to give more thought at this point. My focus is to get to the senate at this point. But if I will make it to the senate this point, I will certainly pursue who is responsible, both in DAP and Mamasapano. The story behind both has not yet been really said.  This is the grave crime against the Filipino people, and those responsible must be brought to justice,” he told reporters in Tacloban city.

Meanwhile, Bello expressed confidence that Aquino’s handpicked candidate Mar Roxas will not make it to Malacanang, citing how the former Interior secretary bungled in his previous jobs.

“I think that if Mar Roxas wins it will be a government with little legitimacy because somebody who’s very far from survey suddenly winning can only win by fraud,” Bello said.

“I was asked in the senatorial debate, ‘Who do you think will win in the presidency?’ and I said, ‘I am sure of who will lose and that  is Mar Roxas.’ I don’t think he offers anything that gives confidence to the Filipino people but mismanagement, he is Mr. Mis-manager,” Bello added.

According to Bello, Roxas “may be a nice guy, personally clean, but he mismanaged Yolanda, mismanaged DILG, mismanaged DOTC.”

“Traffic in Manila is a nightmare, and he wants to be  president? Give me a break.”


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