A video was uploaded on Facebook showed a father maltreating his son outside of their house at Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

The father asked the child to wash his feet first and when the child came back his father repeatedly hit him. The child was crying loudly. There were a lot of people passing by but no one attempted to help the little boy.


Concerned netizens reacted of what the father did. According to them, it’s improper to punch a child because it’s like he is attacking his own blood. Even though, he’d done something wrong it’s not good to maltreat him. Remember that he is just a kid who doesn’t know what’s right and wrong yet.

Punishing a child doesn’t just hurt him physically but also mentally and emotionally. It doesn’t mean that if a child commits a mistake, he should be immediately punched or hit in any parts of his body. There are a lot of alternative things to discipline a child. For instance, a child did something great and impressive, don’t give him rewards like, money, chocolates, stuffed toys or anything that would be given to him in return because he might be spoiled. Second, he must always be reminded of the rules imposed in the house to make it clear and understandable. Be patient enough in doing this. Next, decisions must be firm. Lastly, if a child sins, don’t be rude, talk to him as his parent not an enemy.

This story is very usual yet alarming, government agencies must take an action to avoid these cases.

Walter Marc Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: youtube, webmd

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