Alleged scammers, who reportedly victimized a number of people in Bulacan have swindled a woman in Cebu.

In her Facebook post on July 7, Merlyn Matthews narrated her plight in the hands of the alleged live-in partners who swindled her family a huge amount of money. These said swindlers use fake names in their Id’s, passports and convince their victims to trust them because they are good followers of the church.

“These swindler couple strategies are business investments and they go to great lengths to cover their tracks. They pretend to own houses in Pristina North and Ma Luisa which are all lies; they even contracted a building for a call center in BDO but no down payment yet. Even conniving with architects and cable installers to make it all appear legit. They also have 2 warrants of arrests in Manila”, Mathews stated in her post.

According also to her, that even at her husband’s death bed, these swindler couple duped them a huge amount of money and they are also good at name dropping like they are right hand adviser of Binay, niece of Teddy Ouano, connected with Pangilinan and Villar etc.






Jethro Vila or sometimes Jose Vila and her wife Arianne Vila who goes with a lot of fake names too like Roseann Tadefa, Arriane Rosalie Tadefa, among others, even claimed that they are close friends with Jose Manalo, a TV actor, and personality.

“She has no heart and quotes a lot of scriptures in the talking. Really a wolf dressed in a sheepskin so beware! I’m just glad we were able to expose them before they were able to scam more people here in Cebu” Mathew stressed.

Some netizen reacts to the post and offered their sympathy to Merlyn and her family.

“This is sickening to my stomach! I pray they get their consequence and a good curse falls upon them” says Joseph Metusela, the first to write a comment on Mathews Facebook post.

Mathews already filed a police report, worked with CIDG, and news media. She is now putting a reward of 100,000 for their capture, she said she is doing this so that they will no longer have the opportunity to be able to scam more people.



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