TACLOBAN CITY– US-based Filipino scientist and bio-fuel expert Dr. Rico Cruz has said that one solution to energy crisis in the country is the development of renewable and clean forms of fuel sources.

“There’s a lot of renewable energy being adapted here: solar, wind and biomass. What’s needed are off grid hybrids, wave, current and mini hydros,” said Cruz.

“For biofuels: policy on at least 20 percent uses of biodiesel, 10 percent ethanol by 2020 and provide incentives for small to medium scale processors. Also used cooking oil must not be reused for culinary purposes but for biofuel use only,” he added, urging the promotion for “community based utilities and village level production or processing.”

Cruz, however said that energy program “should be run by collaboration with state universities and government agencies like Department of Energy, Department of Science and Technology, and Department of Agriculture, not by politicians or the military.”

“Politicians must not be allowed to undertake or fund projects on green technologies, but just on infrastructures like farm to market roads, schools and health centers,” he said.

Cruz arrived in his home province of Southern Leyte last week for a series of lectures for farmers and local government officials on agricultural crop, which according to him, “will be vital and sustainable in Southern Leyte and beyond.”

Cruz, who also works as Tribal Agricultural Center Manager in US, introduced a “versatile crop (IH or CS),” which he said is “fast growing, few diseases and competitors, drought-resistant crop, and provides better yield than any fiber growing plant.”

“It can be a total alternative, or supplement to abaca, and provides more uses and added income to farmers. Products like fiber (textiles, and cordage), pulp (paper and construction materials), oil (nutritious and medicinal), and meal (nutritious food and animal feed).”

Republished by the author for Philippine News Agency, August 26, 2015

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