TINGOG SINIRANGAN, a political party-list in farming region of Eastern Visayas has joined other sectors in condemning the violent dispersal of farmers in Kinadapawan City, while reminding the public to help farmers who are the ones who “feed the entire nation.’’

“We condemn the violent dispersal of the ‎Kidapawan farmers… If our farmers go hungry, the whole country will eventually go hungry. It is tragic that our largely agricultural country has starving farmers, that the ones who sow hardly reap anything,’’ said Jude Acidre, first nominee of Tingog Sinirangan.

“We stand with our farmers in Kidapawan and all the farmers and their families in this difficult time. We add our ‪voice in condemning not only the violent dispersal but the failure of the government to address their needs. This incident clearly shows the desperation on their part to provide food for their families, which the government should have already addressed,’’ he added.

According to Acidre, the Kidapawan incident “is a wake up call for our government to focus on the development of the agricultural sector.”

“Our farmers, many of whom are in the margins of the community, should not be left behind. Greater attention should be given not only in developing farms, but also in giving opportunities for ‪‎sustainable ‪‎livelihood for the welfare of our farmers and their families,” said Acidre, adding that they   are committed to push for reforms that are pro-agriculture.

“We want to protect and prioritize our producers, the farmers.’’

“Kidapawan incident sadly shows how we treat our farmers. The past and present administration have marginalized the farmers, making them beg for land and support. But it is not only the government and the land owners who shunned the farmers, we have been part of this farmer or agriculture-shaming,’’ said Tingog Sinirangan media coordinator Kaye Barreda.

“We have turned away from agriculture, forgot about our farmers and placed them in the most rural part of our country’s development plan. We have failed our farmers,’’ she added.

At least three farmers were killed while 116 were left injured to include policemen during the Kidapawan incident .




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