Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte expressed his sympathy on Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima as thousands of members of the religious group Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) protested against her.

The INC members came to protest against the secretary when she interfere in the issues concerning the church after she investigated INC leaders over accusations of kidnapping.

Duterte apprehends the situation of De Lima on INC Scandal

According to the Mayor, he sympathizes with De Lima although they had exchanged punitive words in the past and that he understands that the secretary has her position to investigate the illegal detention claims against the leaders from the INC.

As a lawyer and a former prosecutor, Duterte said that the ‘problem’ in this case is, aside from not giving the case to the fiscal, De Lima put the witnesses under her department’s supervision.

He added that usual cases must be handled by the prosecution and not by the Department of Justice.

De Lima criticized Duterte in the past over the issue concerning the allegation of official killings in Davao City and the existence of Davao Death Squad.

Source: Rappler

Ate Den Palma,

LNU Intern

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