A Facebook user by the name of Jonjon Cortez posted a picture of an old woman who visited his home, claiming to know him and his mother.

The incident occurred while Jonjon was watching television on June 3, when out of nowhere, an elderly woman approached his home’s fence telling him she had just come from his “mother’s house in San Roque,” and that she had been told Jonjon had moved to Tramo Street in Pasay City.

Jonjon tried to dismiss the elderly woman’s claims, but she adamant about knowing who he was. Jonjon, however, insisted not knowing the woman, clarifying that he didn’t live with his mother and had his own place in San Roque.

Despite this, the woman refused to leave, forcing Jonjon to get his cellphone and take a photo of the woman, who asked why her picture was being taken and where it would be posted. Interestingly enough, the woman immediately backtracked on her earlier statements, saying she made a mistake in identifying Jonjon, ultimately going away.

Scam Atempt

Several commenters on Jonjon’s Facebook post claim to recognize the woman, saying she had previously done the same thing to them, asking for money after claiming to know who the homeowners were.

Old Woman Scam Artist

What do you think? Is this woman a scam artist, or someone suffering from a mental illness? Let us know in the comments.

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