A vulgar scene involving a 24-year-old Czech man being given an oral sex by a 26-year-old transgender caught the attention of the revelers at the Mango Square at General Maxilom Avenue in Cebu City last Saturday.

These alleged law-breakers Peter Slavik and Samual “Sam Pinto” Sauro were arrested at the third floor of the establishment’s parking area at 4:20am and brought to the Police Station 2 by two security guards namely Junrey Bardago and Jefferson Navara.

“I admit giving the foreigner a blow job,” Sauro said.

Though Slavik denied he was drunk that time, a liquor test had a positive result.

The Chief Inspector David Señor said they will file complaints of grave scandal against Slavik and Sauro. Moreover, the foreigner will also face another complaint for violating Cebu City Ordinance 1929 due to drunkenness.

Although both cases are bail able, the suspects may face up to six months of jail time.

Señor then said, “The incident should serve as a reminder that going beyond kissing in public is a crime in the country.”

The Police Station 2 Office is preparing the documents on Slavik to be submitted to the Regional Intelligence Division 7 and to the Embassy of Czech Republic in Manila.

Source: Sunstar

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