Recently, Melan Villas posted photos on her Facebook account of her lashed out balikbayan box.
The box, which now contained useless items because of the stain caused by a slashed Hershey’s syrup bottle, did not only arrive late but also had missing items.

Merex Cargo Slash Package
It is suspected that whoever cut the box open stole the items which were mostly coffee and cereals, according to Villas.

She also jokingly commented that it was the cargo company’s signature cut because it is similar to what happened to her colleague.
The cargo company is identified as Merex Forwarders.
Merex is a cargo shipping company that provides Filipinos “efficient reliable, and fast services in the delivery of their cargoes and other valuables.”
Although this incident clearly doesn’t justify the company’s purpose, Villas decided not to file a complaint against Merex.
Rather, she looks at the incident as a lesson and wishes Merex God bless.

Merex Strikes Again


Villas isn’t the only one who experienced this kind of unfortunate happening.
A video uploaded on YouTube showed the same situation as Villas’. The customer pointed out the areas where the box was cut open and just like Villas, some items were also missing.

In an automatically generated page of Merex Forwarders on Facebook, there are over a hundred reviews that majorly contained complaints from customers.
Most of the complaints is about the arrival of their cargoes. They complained that months have passed but their boxes were still not delivered to them.
Others expressed their discontent with the services of Merex Forwarders.
It is no wonder that Merex was rated 1.9 out of 5 stars on the Facebook page.

Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

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