Criminal cases in Cebu turned into a threat as Lorraine Suico Ruelan posted a status on her Facebook account about the incident happened with her family, which causes trauma to each of them.

The incident happened 7:02 in the morning at Brgy. Cansomoroy, Balamban Cebu (Transcentral highway). When a group of thieves pretended as a military and assaulted a group of people inside a car, using a gun.

According to Lorraine’s post on her Facebook account her mama Ena, Uncle Ike and Ate Erah were inside the car. The thieves shot the car’s windshield when her mama Ena didn’t open the door, while the other guy went to the other side of the car to open it. They took the bag and all the money, while bystanders didn’t even dare to help or call a police.

Gun Shot

Some people who read the posts stated that police officers should take responsibility to occurrences like this, since criminal incidents in Cebu are now becoming a threat.

Fortunately, no one got hurt but they got traumatized due to the incident happened.

It is also believed that it was all planned. Some students who saw the incident said that, early in the morning at around 6am they already noticed those thieves and by 7 am, a color red motorcycle passed by.

Anyway, it was already reported to the police but there’s still no action on this matter.



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