Jesrael Nginhayan posted a photo of a woman named Maria Ellena Villa Estrada and asked help from the netizens of Estrada’s whereabouts.

Estrada, the alleged scammer, swindled ₱150 million from Igorot investors.

The Dailypedia got in touch with Nginhayan who explained that Estrada convinced the Cordillera residents to invest in Emgoldex, a networking company supposedly invested in gold trading. She lured the people of Buguias, Trinidad, and Ifugao into doubling their investment with the help of a Forex trader.

But Estrada never invested the money to Forex and ran away with it.

Now the victims are facing lots of problems because of the scam and are hoping to get their money back.

“Well, let’s hope na mabalik na ang pera kasi may mga nasirang pamilya, naghiwalay na mag-asawa, nag-aaway na magkapatid o magkakamag-anak dahil sa scam na ito,” said Nginhayan.


Netizens sympathized with the poor victims and called out to Estrada to return the victims’ money. But some still blamed the investors for their clumsy action.





Nginhayan asked the netizens to share the photo and guaranteed them a reward to whoever can give information of Estrada’s location.

Scammers can fool investors with their smooth words and pretentious acts (like Estrada) so investors should be careful and meticulous in investing money to avoid falling into traps.

Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Facebook post, The Dailypedia

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