A photo was uploaded last June 28, 2015 on the Facebook page of Top Gear Philippines, the

picture is from Nilda Claire Cantil Lampitoc.

True Love

In the photo the bride and the groom are riding on a habal-habal or Skylab instead of a bridal car.

The bride was wearing a simple pair of slippers instead of high heel shoes while the groom was wearing a black shoes without a sock.

Some of the netizens commented of their unique wedding style:

“In marriage life, many obstacles like this road. The keys to overcome these obstacles are to be together and sit on a motorcycle driven by God. Happy wedding,” said Ryan Ice.

Amíköý Köÿ commented that, “Cool, they really love each other. Congratulations to the girl because you’ve chosen a good man and to that guy who stand for his love for that girl you’re awesome may you both lived an awesome life together after all in life, we just loved ones! You’re both lucky.”

Adriana Schroeder said that, “True love don’t even wear, bridal gown or spent lots of money to feed the community”

Newlyweds Use a Garbage Truck to Their Wedding Reception

Garbage Truck Wedding Reception

Claire Fallon and Paul Worthy the newlyweds, they met on the job as garbage truck drivers for the Sunderland City Council, in North East England. It’s only suitable, then, that they decided to travel from their wedding ceremony to the reception using a garbage truck.

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Source: Top Gear Philippines’ post,  Huffing Ton’s Post


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