A photo uploaded on Facebook showed a kid wearing a box as a bag on his back while in his school.

As shown in the photo, the child wears a complete uniform and he was at the school grounds most probably, together with other students.

The only difference of the child among other students there was: he was the only one who has a backpack made of box.

Bantang may Bag na Carton

That’s the ultimate reason of the photographer why he took the photo of the kid.

Today, it’s unusual that someone will use a box as bag, especially kids. Parents nowadays spent hundreds and thousands just to buy beautiful and branded bags for their children. But it seems that there are still some parents who prefer to recycle things in order to save money.

The caption of the photo was “Anak… maswerte ka at nasa private school ka. Maswerte ka at may baon ka. Maswerte ka at may school service ka. Maswerte ka at may magulang ka na may trabaho. Hindi lahat ng mga bata katulad mo”. (Child, you are lucky you study in a private school, with school service, you have parents who have work. Not every child are like you.) It’s a message not just for one person but for everyone who are still studying.

Walter Marc C. Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Facebook

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