A information receive by Philippine Media that the Cessna Plane crashed with Secretary Robredo and his team.  According the latest info from the Philippine Authority one survivor rescued but the other passenger is under search by the rescue team.

The aircraft is bound to Masbate when the accident happen.

Latest update from the Gov’t, Search rescue operations is ongoing for that crashed with Sec Robredo on board.

7:00 pm Latest development: Sec Mar Roxas – Sec Robredo Aide join the rescue team after given first aide.

Official Gazette:

Advisory from the Presidential Spokesperson, August 18, 2012

At the present time, search and rescue operations are ongoing for the aircraft carrying Secretary of the Interior Jesse Robredo, an aide, and the pilot of the plane. The aircraft was off the coast of Masbate when contact was lost earlier today. We will be updating the public as details are confirmed: speculation is not useful at this point.

Latest update as of 8:30 pm – Gen. Tuazon (also on the shore): No reports that Sec. Robredo has been found. Rescue ops will resume tomorrow, 5AM.

Latest update as of 9:00 pm – Mar Roxas – Site is 200m from shoreline. Surface SaR ongoing. Also Diving search resumed using compressors. They have obtained compressors fm the area..

Official Gazette Facebook

Debris – appears to be right wing. Numbrs are part of aircraft designation rpc-4431

President Aquino is on site and over briefing with the SAR Ops.

More update will be posted after an hour.