A video was posted on Facebook of a security guard in the parking lot of a mall who is allegedly trying to open a car.

The video was posted by Evarita. According to her, she only wants to protect and warn people especially those who own cars and are about to go to the mall. Because last Saturday, when they were at the parking lot, they noticed that the security guard keeps on checking a car and every time there are people passing by, the guard will immediately walk away from the car. They became suspicious to the guard because of his actions.


“S**t! Basi bla nd da sya guard kag ga uniform lang. Delikado gd ya!” according to a netizen. It may just be a disguise of the man.

Here are some qualities that every excellent guard should have. First, hire a security guard that has undergone necessary trainings that will help them obtain important skills and knowledge. They should have a required certification and license to do their job. Next, honesty is one of the best and most important qualities of an excellent security guard. He or she must be someone who is reliable and can be trusted. Then, hire security guards who has enough common sense, he or she should have the leadership ability.

Most of the time, security guards are expected to work with a team, which means they have to know when to take charge. Another is that, security guards must have communication skills. In order for them to talk to the clients. Lastly, a security guard must have an ability to think on his/her feet, an excellent guard should be quick in thinking and coming up with good solutions within a short time frame. This quality is important during emergency situations.

Walter Marc C. Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Facebook, slideshare.net

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