On July 4, 2015 Maria Carolina Enriquez Colocado from Nueva Ecija, posted a photo of a receipt  of a remitance company complaining the unfaithfulness of one of the teller of a Cebuana Lhullier branch in fcie, Dasma Cavite.

Ang nakalagay sa form expected na matatangap ko is 7000 from my kuya sa dubai, ang tagal nyang pinaprocess, sabi nung teller nag loloko daw ang printer nya,sbi q kung mtagal pa miss blikan ko na lang, pagbalik ko kaya pla parang feelling close sya skin my ginawa pla syang katarantaduhan. (It was stated on the form that the money I was expected to claim from my older brother in dubai is 7,000, It took the teller a while processing the form, the teller told me that their printer is not working properly, that’s why I ask her that I’ll just get back to it. When I get back she was so comfortable around me, neither did I know that she has done something bad to me already). Marquez stated in her facebook post together with the photo.


The receipt that the teller gave to her has a hand written number, that contains the amount that she is expected to claim, Colocado ask if why is that, the number is written that way, but the teller kept on lying to her. Colocado called the customer service of the said remittance company and confirmed to her that her original expected amount to be claim is 7,645 pesos yet on the receipt it was written using a black ballpeen that she only received7,000 pesos, Colocado concluded that the teller took the remaining 645 pesos.

Many netizen noticed Colocado’s post and reacts to it, Meron din niyan silang branch, empleyado ang  mga demonyo (Some of their braches contains evil employees) says one of the comments.

Colocado confirmed that she already got the missing amount of the money after the customer service called her again to get it and she wanted her post on Facebook to spread so that it will serve as a warning to the people that they should always check if the amount of money is correct.

On the other hand the said teller is now reported at the Cebuana office and is now under investigation.

Source: https://www.facebook.com

Update:  July 9, 2015

Email receive from Cebuana Lhuillier:

Cebuana Lhuillier has already taken action about the incident and the issue has been resolved. In the interest of fair reporting, we would to share with you the official statement from Cebuana Lhuillier.

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