Bike theft has become very common these days since not only are they an easy catch-a lot of people have come to use them for almost every errand. But hey, who says only guys can be bike thieves?

It’s high time to meet this female bike thief who was spotted outside an establishment via CCTV footage.

In the video, this young, scantily-clad female started by examining the motorbikes parked outside the establishment, and when she chose a target, she began tinkering with its engine via simple and unnoticeable moves until she was able to turn it on.

After successfully turning on the motorbike, she immediately humped on it and gave it a joyride!

While there is no news yet on whether she was apprehended, the CCTV footage was able to get a clear view of her face, and now the video is making its rounds on social media.

But hey, why “Fujiko”? The female culprit not only acted similarly like Fujiko Mine of the famous heist series Lupin III, but also dressed somewhat like her-skimpy clothes and all.

If there’s any consolation though, they don’t look alike.

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Paceincia, Maureen E.

LNU Intern

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