Internet superstar and currently a Zumba instructor, seven-year-old John Philip “Balang” Bughaw yet again created a spectacular appearance on the ever-popular”The Ellen Degeneres Show,” where he was a featured guest for the second time.

Like his previous appearance, Balang created a fun and exciting atmosphere as he danced to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Silento’s “Watch Me NaeNae”.

“Our next guest certainly left an impression when he was here,” Ellen said as she introduced Balang on the show.
In his interview with Ellen, Balang gave updates on what he has been since he first appeared on the show. Balang said that a lot of people notice him now and that he enjoys making dance videos. He also added that he’s teaching Zumba lessons now.

“Nagtuturopoako ngZumba para healthy tayonglahat!” he said during the interview.

Balang has captivated millions of netizens with his viral “Bang Bang” dance routine, which earned him international attention and paved a way for him to have his US debut and first appearance on the show.

Balang now joins the ranks of other Pinoy YouTube sensations Zendee Rose Tenerife aka “Random Girl” (singing at the videoke) and Cotabato singers Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Walter Bucong.

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