Two years ago, a story about a so-called “puta” was shared on Facebook and left the readers “mind blown.”

Two years later, the story continued its reign and still blows people’s minds. What makes this “puta” viral? Let’s find out.

There was once a woman who used to be the most beautiful and popular woman of all. Many were attracted to her and she wholeheartedly accepted them to her life. But she was betrayed. They used her. They feasted on her body. They raped her. Thrice. And left her with almost nothing.

Viral na pota

But the third one was the worst. It was as if she was poisoned. She was poisoned with gifts, chocolates, cigarettes, and money. She was also educated. She knew she was being used but she can’t refuse the offer. Their life was becoming better but she was too stupid to fall for it. It took her years to realize that she was slowly being killed. So her children took the courage to get rid of the demon. But it was hard for them to start over.

Their years of luxury ended. They were buried with debts and had nothing to pay. She admitted that until now, when she is faced with bigger problems, she still asks help from the demon.

She became the talk of the town. Her neighbors pitied her but some were mad. “Puta na kasi ang isang magandang tulad ko.”

But despite all these, they still fight for a better life. Her children went to different countries around the world just to help themselves rise from poverty. But some of them just stayed with her and remained useless. No matter how her children are working hard, her other children are still taking advantage of what’s left of them.

“Sa dami ng mga anak ko, iilan lang ang may malasakit sa akin. May malasakit man, nahihilaw pa.”

She wonders how her children became so evil that their happiness come from the struggles of their other siblings. They took everything she worked hard for, used it for themselves, and bragged about their temporary wealth. She depended on them but she never knew that her own children would bring her to her end. She’s been raped thrice and now even her own children are betraying her. She wanted to shout “Ina ninyo ako! Pagmamahal niyo lang ang kailangan ko!”

Does her story sound familiar?

“Ay sorry, di ko pala nasabi pangalan ko,” she says. “Pilipinas nga pala.”

This famous story, which made the readers stop for a while and think about themselves, is written by Mike Portes. She gained lots of praises from the readers for her “amazing” works.

For the whole story read the screenshot below or click here.

Ang Isang Puta

Ang Isang Puta II

Ang Isang Puta III

Ang Isang Puta IV

Pilipinas nga pala.

Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Source: Facebook post

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