A photo of a presumably intoxicated teenage girl groped and abused by several men at a party in Bacolod City recently surfaced online, generating outrage on social media.

According to several netizens able to identify the victim, the photo was taken at a recent ‘wet and wild’ party in one of Bacolod City’s most popular nightclubs, found along Lacson Street. The uploader of said image notes the girl was heavily inebriated during the incident; attempts by online news sites to reach the uploader for further comment have been unsuccessful.

bacolod party scandal

News outlets have blurred the faces of the men and girl in the photo, presumably to protect their identities until the authorities clear things up.

Comments on the incident vary, with some expressing outrage over the blatant display of sexual abuse, while others lamented that the girl should have “respected herself” by not being in that environment.

According to user Mark Joshua Torres:

“Why censor the faces of the guys in the picture? Show the faces of these f***ers.”

User Roxanne Caranay Regio notes:

“Women, and even men, Should be more responsible, especially when drinking with friends. Never drink too much to the point you can no longer handle yourself. THUS, no one deserves to be treated this way when in euphoric state. Hindi porket lasing, bababuyin na. I can’t imagine my sister, cousin, niece or even daughters in such situation.”

Meanwhile, some put the blame on the victim.

Amte Emz Yalzune says:

This is not about anything. This is about the girl. sya ang my kasalanan kung bakit nagkaganyan. Awa ba? Maawa muna xa sa sarili nya. She’s all grown up.

Mimi Xhixhi Llavore echoed this sentiment.

She will not be treated like this if she will also put respect on herself. Marami akong kilala na sobra kung mgparty pero hindi umabot sa ganito.


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