MANILA, Philippines — Justice Secretary Leila De Lima and National Bureau of Investigation Chief Nonnatus Rojas are targets of a gun-for-hire group according to Levito Baligod, lawyer of whistle-blower Benhur Luy.

Baligod said that he had received information that an alleged group of hired hitmen were recruited to kill him, De Lima and Rojas.

“We have not been receiving any threats [against Benhur Luy] other than the one I received yesterday at around 1 p.m.. Someone texted me saying that there is a three million bounty on my head and that he is among those being recruited by a group that hired – I won’t say right now who hired them – and he is among those recruited by the group to implement their transaction of assassinating me and two government officials,” said Baligod adding that the two government officials referred to the above mentioned.

However, Baligod made an attempt to contact his source – a former military man which he personally knew – but was unfortunate to contact the person. He also fear that the group might eventually know who disclosed the said information.

Baligod stressed that he does not want to reveal speculations when asked whether Janet Lim-Napoles, the accused mastermind of the pork-barrel scam, is behind this act.

Though the threat has not been verified yet, Baligod said that they have already taken some precautionary steps to assure his and their families’ safety.

Written by:

Kathleen Ave L. Crucillo
ABCOM Intern
Leyte Normal University