TACLOBAN CITY-The Roman Catholic church has reminded typhoon survivors in this city to instill the spirit of service and sharing as the city celebrated its 126th fiesta on Tuesday.

Palo Archbishop John F. Du asked the people to remember the example of Christ’s compassion to the poor.

“God hears the cry of the poor at the time when we are being devastated by typhoon Yolanda. This was an encouragement to the Yolanda survivors that the kingdom of heaven is open to those who are poor and that, this was also to gear up all the people to give a helping hand to those who are in need,” Du said.

Du enumerated to hundreds of church goers packed at the Sto Nino church some factors why many people are struggling from poverty.

“We are not anymore sensitive with the feeling of others. We only think of our own interest and there’s no longer room for others, we became self-centered,” said Du.

The gospel shared to the people aimed for unity among people in Tacloban, that all must be Christ-like, to be able to defeat poverty. It is not the poor that causes poverty but it is the lack of giving of people to the needy, he pointed out

“People must stop criticizing each other but instead always look at the goodness of every person with this we can rise up and start all over again.”

The sermon ended by pressing into the hearts of people to share and to serve, that since they have received then they can also give.

Various fiesta-related activities have been lined up this week to portray the city’s resilience after suffering from impacts of the 2013 super typhoon Yolanda. Messages of gratitude for those who helped typhoon victims also flooded on city’s streets. By Irish O. Alonzo/PNA

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