MANILA, Philippines- President Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday expressed confidence that newly appointed post-Yolanda rehabilitation and reconstruction chief former senator Ping Lacson will “undoubtedly achieve the targets sooner” in affected areas in the country.

“Why Ping Lacson? Siguro si Ping Lacson strikes me as a no-nonsense person. ‘Yung the members of the Cabinet have their normal functions, then you also have the imperative to get our people back in a better condition at the soonest possible time. So there is a, ‘di ba, parang the attention is divided between the two obligations right off the bat.”

“Now, having Ping Lacson at the center wherein he’s a no-nonsense guy, focused solely on Yolanda’s rehabilitation will undoubtedly achieve the targets sooner. And that is, I guess, why we look at the unique capabilities of Mr. Lacson or Senator Lacson to be able to deliver,” stressed Pres. Aquino during the 27th Annual Bulong Pulungan media forum in Pasay city.

Asked on how the government will assure transparency in the allocation of the massive foreign aid that is coming in, Pres. Aquino reiterated that the public can readily access them though the government website FAiTH or  Foreign Aid Transparency Hub.

“There is a website called FAiTH that anybody can access, which shows what has been received and where it has gone to and that has been up for, I think, about two weeks or so.”

Lacson has earlier vowed that he’ll finish the rehabilitation program by 2016, the year Aquino will finish his term.