“Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.” – Henry Clay

True meaning of gift is wandered by many people until it arrives to its common definition of “something that is given to a person without waiting for any payment in return”.

Gifts are given for the joy of helping, not just for the pleasure of the receiver. People often give gifts to their friends because they want to remember something they are celebrating. Just like how we always smile when our friends give us gifts but only few of these makes us truly happy.

An Early Christmas Gift from a Stranger_1

An Early Christmas Gift from a Stranger_2

True gifts makes a person happy by the value of it, of how much the effort was done for this gift, and of how willing is a person to give. Just like what Mr. JB Balicanta did to a stranger he met in a drug store.

According to Balicanta’s post on hisfacebook account, he saw an old lady sitting on the bench, waiting for her turn in a drugstore who was about to buy two pieces of vitamins that costs P36 but unfortunately, she could only afford one because she did not have enough money. When the lady was about to leave, Balicanta quickly bought a one-month supply of her vitamins, approached her and said, “’Nay, this is for you. Merry Christmas…” Then, he hurriedly left the store but the woman followed him. She grabbed his shoulders saying, “Thank you very much, son. May God take good care of you,” with tears streaming down her cheeks.

A value of a gift is not measured by its cost, brand or what store it was bought from. No matter how small a deed is, it will always be appreciated when it is done whole-heartedly.

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