Bacoor, Cavite-Going on beast mode is becoming a trend nowadays, but even to the extent of harassing authorities?

In a video taken and posted by Mike Alanza on Facebook, a woman was found to be going on beast mode at a couple of cops after trying to defend her family members. According to Alanza, the woman, who identified herself as an attorney for NAPOLCOM, went to her family members’ house in JustinvillePanapaan VII Subdivision in Bacoor, after learning that her kin was caught in a yet to be identified situation. The woman then caused a scene which prompted the village’s authorities to send cops to the respond.

But when the cops arrived, the woman only went on full beast mode and berated them, asking them for proper identification and criticizing their ignorance about her family members. When she realized that she was being caught on video, she also talked harshly to Alanza, and even pushed his wife who was holding their 1-year-old child. She then threw the poster’s camera phone, but afterwards she calmed down.

The video is drawing the ire of netizens due to her erratic behaviour towards the cops. Should she be condemned for her actions? Netizens are now calling to strengthen ethical standards on government employees, especially those going on beast mode like her.

Source: Facebook