When does a woman go beyond the thin line between liberated and promiscuous? Well, in a set of photos currently spreading like wildfire over social media, it shows that there are girls who just can’t be stopped when it comes to having fun-even if they draw flak from spectators everywhere.

Woman’s Raunchy Dance Routine Goes Viral-Draws Ire of Netizens

Woman’s Raunchy Dance Routine Goes Viral-Draws Ire of Netizens_1


Posted on the Facebook fan page named “Death Penalty in the Philippines,” a certain Mae Constantino was featured in a rather negative light, due to her lewd dance acts in a car show. Photos of Constantino in wet skimpy clothing performing lewd dance moves with different men were shown on the said FB page, and these drew various comments from netizens.

Most of the comments on the photos condemn Constantino’s acts, saying that she is humiliating herself in public, and that her attitude as a model badly affects the reputation of other car show models as well. There are also comments that not only question her dignity as a woman, but also that of women in general too.

However, there are also commenters who defended Constantino, saying that that’s all for only pure entertainment, and nothing else. Others meanwhile call out to the car show organizers and pointed out the rather wrongful way women are positioned in such events.

Source: Facebook

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