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MANILA-The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has warned the public on the modus operandi and profile of African Drug Syndicate involved in drug trafficking and cybercrimes in the Philippines.

Based on the arrested African drug smugglers in the country and abroad, PDEA Director General Undersecretary Arturo G. Cacdac Jr. said the syndicate ages range from 20 to 45, generally friendly, persistent, and proficient in English, albeit having poor educational background or college drop outs.

There couriers however have formal education.

Also Cacdac said that most of the smugglers are single while the females are either engaged or had relationship with same members of the syndicates.

For their modus operandi in recruiting drug mules, they either befriend potential victims or marry their new recruits whom they met through casual acquaintances or via internet, or offering them $3,000 to $15,000 for every successful transaction, depending on the amount of drugs to be delivered or the route to be traveled, or provide plane tickets and hotel accommodation for the couriers, Cacdac said.

Drug members also enroll as a foreign exchange student in the country, court female students and later on turn them to drug mules, and utilize Filipinos as recruiters, to supply the syndicate with drug couriers.

“They use stolen or falsified documents for their transaction, including purchase of plane tickets and hotel booking. They usually use phone and internet as their means of communication,” Usec. Cacdac said in a statement to Express.

According to PDEA, a total of 69 members of African drug syndicate have been arrested, with 55 of them nabbed in the country since October 2009 to present.

The arrested members were responsible for trafficking about 74.497 kilos of illegal drugs, particularly heroin, shabu and cocaine, through commercial airlines.

Cacdac said that they have already identified 75 percent of this drug syndicate members and their cohorts operating worldwide who also used Filipinos as couriers.

“We are continuously intensifying our interdiction operations and strengthening our advocacy campaigns, to finally curb drug smuggling in the country,” said Cacdac.

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