Angeles City has been tagged with the name “Sin City”. The city is a renowned destination for sex tourism in the Philippines. Angeles City was once a home to the American air base. But now, it has become the go-to city for men, most of them retired, who are looking for sex.

But, the main issue here is not the sex workers. It’s the sex workers’ children who were eventually abandoned by their fathers. As the sex industry in the city progresses so as the number of children who grew up abandoned and ignored by their father.

To continue to support themselves and their families, women have no other option but to work on bars and night clubs all over the city. And, what do they do? They sell their bodies – which would then result to unplanned pregnancies.


Usually, foreigners would deny that the child is theirs. Some of them wouldn’t care at all. Some of these women have been victims of the foreigner’s sweet promises thinking these men would marry them, give them money, etc. There are also those who have been beaten, forced to drink alcohol and get raped.

RT, the Russian documentary team who went to Angeles City to personally check the situation, has seen the unbelievable reality in the so-called “Sin City”. They interviewed women, family members and even children about the constantly ignored issue in the area.

Sarah, one of the women they interviewed, told the team that the Australian man (the father of her child) continuously gave her alcohol to drink. She passed out and when she woke up, the Australian man told her that nothing happened.

Sarah said that “I believe he took me by force. Later, I asked him what happened. He said ‘Nothing. Nothing happened”.

When Sarah found out that she was pregnant, he told the man about it but the man didn’t believe her. She added “I told him he was my only client who didn’t use condoms”. Still, the man didn’t believe her and won’t recognize the child as his own.

Sarah, in tears, told the RT team that: “I don’t care if you don’t want to help me but you have to support your daughter.” Sarah added: “I’ll keep working at the bar just to provide for my child.”

Even if Sarah has a new born child, she continues to sell herself in order to feed her child. She needed to make ends meet so they can have something to eat every day. She leaves her child with her aunt, Nalee. Nalee, who was also a prostitute in her younger days, also has a daughter from a Scottish man.

For Sarah’s aunt Nalee, it is a different case. According to Nalee, the Scottish man told her that he had a vasectomy. Puzzled by what happened, Nalee said: ““But how did I get pregnant if he was sterile,” She added “I didn’t know I was pregnant. A month later I did a test and it came back positive… If I’d known I was pregnant I would have taken pills.”

While these women work to make ends meet, their children have remained hopeful even with the situation they have in front of them. Jean-Lester, a 12 year old child says that he is still hoping that one day he’d be able to meet his father. His father was a German guy who left before he was born. His mother eventually left him when he was still 2-months old. Their transgender neighbor, Pia, has taken care of him since.

Thankful for Pia’s care, Jean-Lester said: “I love you very much, Pia. Please don’t abandon me. Thank you for taking care of me. You raised me God won’t take her away from me, so I’ll take care of her when I grow up.”

Jean-Lester is also looking forward to his future as he dreams to become a teacher. He says that he wanted to help children who can’t afford to go to school. Yet, his dreams don’t stop in teaching as he also dreams to become a doctor. “After becoming a teacher, I want to become a doctor too.” He added: “I want to be able to cure various diseases. That way I’ll be able to treat Pia and other sick people.”

Mary Ann, just like Jean-Lester, was also abandoned by her father who is a German. She’s aware of her situation and said that she doesn’t want to work in a bar, just like what her mother did. “I don’t want to work in a bar, like my mom had to. I don’t want to only have two years of schooling like her and end up working in a bar because I want to become a doctor when I grow up.” said Mary Ann.

Despite all the danger and other unbelievable things, there are still women who had their own “Cinderella story”. One tourist married one of the prostitutes after she got her pregnant in 2001.

Patrick, an Irish man said that “I just love her… the smile, she’s very funny and a very good face.” Patrick and Jen, his wife, are still living in Angeles with their three children. Unfortunately, health wasn’t on their side. Patrick had stroke in 2013. After that, his wife also suffered from stroke and is still bedridden up until now.

Even with all of the stories, many men are still flocking in Angeles City. Though unplanned fatherhood can be one of the consequences, some of them just don’t care at all.

One of the tourist that the RT team met said that: “You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of a girl… because they never change, they want the money.” He emphasized “It’s hard to trust a Filipino woman.”

Regardless of this issue, what was the Philippine government’s actions to solve this? Have you heard any action from the local government? What did they do to solve all of this?

Here is the full-length RT documentary that you should watch:

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