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MANILA, Philippines-The three overseas Filipino workers reportedly abducted on the evening of July 9 were already safe and now are resting at their company-provided accommodation in Sebha, southwestern part of Libya, according to the leader of the Filipino migrants rights group Migrante.

“We are happy to announce that the 3 Filipino nurses who were abducted by a lone person who was allegedly a Libyan national on the evening of July 9, 2013 were already safe, though there are on a state of trauma, and now resting at their company-provided accommodation in Sebha City, Libya,” said Migrante vice chairperson John Leonard Monterona, also Migrante International’s coordinator in the Middle East and North Africa.

Yesterday afternoon, Monterona issued an advisory alerting the Philippine government  through the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on the reports it received about the 3 OFW nurses who were reported to have been missing and most likely were abducted, citing concerned OFWs reports from Libya.

“The 3 OFW nurses are now safe after they were rescued by Libyan authorities on the wee hours of July 10,” Monterona confirmed.

Monterona added the 3 OFW nurses along other 7 colleagues working for Al-Sebha Medical Clinic have requested their employer to be transferred to Tripoli, Libya’s capital, citing the abduction of the 3 OFW nurses who were able to fight back their lone abductor, managed to flee and calls for help with the nearby local community.

Citing an updated incident reports he got from the colleagues of the 3 OFW nurses, Monterona said their abductor is allegedly a local, meaning a Libyan. “He was the taxi cab driver they’ve hired going back to their accommodations.”

“Motive is robbery. But there was an attempt by the culprit to rape the female OFW nurse. Both male OFW nurses fought back at their abductor until the 2 of them managed to run away and got the attention of other local residents,”Monterona added.

Then the female OFW nurse called a companion using her mobile phone to plead for assistance and report the matter with the Libyan authorities, Monterona citing an updated report from the OFWs’ colleagues.

Monterona, on its July 11 advisory, said the 3 OFW nurses were properly identified by their colleagues after one of them was able to call them pleading for help. But Monterona decline to release their names for security reasons and their respective families were not yet informed.
The 3 OFW nurses went out of their accommodation to buy stocks of food, water, laptop charger, and cell phone at around 5:30 p.m. of June 9. They took a taxi cab going to the city where they could buy.

“PH embassy and labor officials in Libya should immediately talk to the employer-sponsor of the 3 and other 7 fellow nurses to arrange their transfer from their Sebha job site to Tripoli, the latter is relatively peaceful,” Monterona pointed out.

“The PH govt. through the DFA and DoLE-POEA should ensure that OFWs deployed abroad are safe and their well beings are protected. This should be part of the tasks of PH embassy and labor officials abroad,” Monterona concluded.

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