If you are looking for enough ideas to brag about the Philippines that foreigners would say “Yeah, we don’t have that,” we have it here for you. Our list will give you things that can only be seen in the country.  Are you ready? Here we go!

1. The Jeepney.

ph jeepney
Photo by Expat Philippines

This is the cheapest-most-used-popular transportation in the Philippines and it does not exist in other parts of the world. It is always packed with passengers because of its cheap fare. Several theories suggest that the word “jeep” originated from “GP” which means “Government Purpose” or “General Purpose,” describing the military vehicle used in World War II.

2. The largest pair of shoes in the world. 

Photo by Travelling Morion
Photo by Travelling Morion

Guinness Book of World Records recognized in 2002 a huge Marikina pair of shoes as the world’s largest. It can fit 30 people at the same time with each shoe measuring 5.29 meters long, 2.37 meters wide and 1.83 meters high. Reports revealed that the pair of shoes has a total cost of 2 million pesos and were made by 10 people in 77 days.

3. The Cebu Dancing Inmates.

No country has a talented group of prisoners and YouTube dancing inmate sensations other than the Philippines. The Cebu Dancing Inmates from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) were first recognized with their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Their daily-exercise-cum-dance-routines have captured the hearts of many with their YouTube videos gone viral.

4. The Hobbit House.

Photo by Rant Food
Photo by Rant Food

If you want to see the world’s weirdest restaurant, go visit the Hobbit House staffed by midgets. The restaurant was inspired from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. It has branches in M. H. del Pilar Street in Ermita and in Boracay. It was founded in 1973 by Jim Turner, a former college professor and Peace Corps volunteer. The Hobbit House was recently named the “world’s weirdest themed restaurants” by CNN and was once recognized to having the “smallest waiters in the world” by iExplore.com and Lonely Planet.

5.Bogie Rider.

Photo by Miles Eye
Photo by Miles Eye

He is a dog that travels around Manila, Ilocos, Baguio and the famous Boracay in a motorcycle with his owner, Gilbert Delos Reyes. He wears his own helmet, which is reported to be certified, during their travel. Now, show me a dog that travels in a motorcycle from another country. (Hint: none)

6. The Philippine Tarsier.

Photo by Trek Earth
Photo by Trek Earth

It is one of the smallest primates in the world and it only exists in the Philippines especially in the islands of Leyte, Samar, Bohol and Mindanao.

7. Villa Escudero’s Waterfalls Restaurant.

Photo by Inhabitat

If you want a dining experience of a lifetime, Villa Escudero can offer you just that. It is a resort with a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes in bamboo tables. The best part? It’s enjoying your meal while clear spring water runs over your feet and a waterfall flows in the backdrop to amaze you.

8. The “Habal-Habal.”

habal habal
Photo by Marlon Chavez

Other than the jeepney, Filipinos are also proud of its “habal-habal” or “skylab.” It is an improvised motorcycle than can carry at least 10 passengers plus their baggage. It was developed for rough terrain and narrow roads transportations. If it will be your first time to ride it, expect a heart-pounding experience.

9. Funny names of business establishment.

funny business name
Photo by FilipiKnow
pinoy business names
Photo by Only in the Philippines
business name
Photo by Phil Boxing

These are the proofs that Pinoys are indeed creative!

10. Repetitive nicknames.

Jojo, Bongbong, Toto, Lotlot, Chi-chi and the list goes on….

I still don’t get it why Filipinos have repetitive nicknames. Is it part of the culture or did people just get used to it? Nonetheless, it’s undeniably cute that other countries cannot seem to adopt.

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