Everyday, we face different trials and circumstances in our life. No matter how big or small a problem is, people need to face and deal with it. Tribulation have many faces and there comes a time when we can’t handle anymore these problems and we fall into a lot of temptations that lead to further problems. Stress and pressures are normal part of our daily living and if you will not face those problems you will always get in trouble.

Life’s dilemma has a lot of types: there is drug addiction, alcoholism, sex, gambling and all the worldy things that bring us trouble. But I would like to dwell on one topic and I choose alcoholism.

Alcoholic drinks seems to be the universal beverages for real men, or what many people only say. It is also the past time of youths, even teenagers, the main attraction of clubs, bars and market outlets. Liquor should only be taken moderately but why do some people make it as a habit and when they get hooked to it, they can’t escape from these enslaving dream?

Alcohol addiction brings a lot of undesirable effects, especially to the family of the involved. Mostly, broken family is the result. Some children follow the footsteps of their parents and they also ruin their future and fall into these bad dream.

Young people’s education is also affected. One might always get low grades and can be dropped out from his school. An adult man who is working can be fired from his work and he might not get another job too. He might also blame others instead of his addiction.

The health of the alcoholic person is also affected and he may acquire serious illnesses he doesn’t expect. Therefore, when a person is a chronic alcoholic, it’s hard to fix the things in his broken life.

However, it’s not the end of the of the road. If you are in the bondage of alcoholism, you can always change and turn your life around. It’s not true that liquor is the answer to all your problems. It is rather the instrument that will add more to your problems. Most alcoholic people don’t know why they became alcoholic and if they only started to quit early, they could have a better plan in life.

Coping from alcoholism is such a hard thing to do. You cannot handle it solely, but you need other people to support you. You can start from a little step by realizing your mistakes and not going back into it again. You will also need your family to back you up in the process. There are also institutions which can help you. I know some support groups which really help people to start a new life. One is the EyetheFuture which is a group of specialists that assists in influencing life and destroying bad habits. These specialists call themselves as life designers.

Alcoholism is such a serious matter and whether you try these support groups or go into a rehabilitation center, what matters most is you need other people to start a new life. You should also have the determination within you to start all over again and go through the process of renewal.