Love is in the air, and it’s in the your plates too. So whether you are on a budget or you’re ready to splurge on your date, Manila has everything you need. So we listed 8 of the most romantic place you can dine in with your special someone. Why 8? Because 8 looks like infinity, the symbol for forever – if you’re not getting it you simply haven’t been in love. 😛

Check out the following spots for a romantic first dates, anniversaries and more, of course with your special someone with the help of PH

1. Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie in Taguig City Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie
Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie / PicHelp:

If you and your partner are steak lovers, this may be the restaurant you’re looking for. Their Wagyu is the most treasured here and the ambience is extremely relaxing – perfect for nervous first time dating.

2. Taste of L.A. Café in Quezon City A Taste of L.A Café

Its charming and homey appeal will keep you and your sweetheart feeling special. If this is your first time here, the cheese fondue is a must try.

3. Galileo Enoteca in Mandaluyong City Galileo Enoteca
This couple enjoys a taste of one of Galileo Enoteca’s delicious wines / PicHelp:

If you’re date loves wine and cheeses, this Italian restaurant is one of the best options in Manila. Plus, you don’t have to spend much while dining here. The cheese platter, the prosciutto, and the cold cuts are some of the choices in the menu.

4. Sala in Makati City Sala Restaurant
It’s their first anniversary and they spent it at Sala Restaurant / PicHelp:

If you want to impress your date, this restaurant will not disappoint you. It may be intimidating, but Sala offers fine dining at its finest. Be prepared to spend some money on European cuisine served to perfection.

5. Lolo Dad’s in Malate

Lolo Dads
Lolo Dad’s probably where your Lolo or Dad once took your Lola or Mom for a romantic date, or not. In any case you can be the first in your family.

Another fine dining restaurant, but with a cozy atmosphere, Lolo Dad’s is perfect for partners looking for a good place to eat.

6. Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge in Quezon City Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge
See those flower petals? Yep you can have that at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge / PicHelp:

Featuring an appealing garden with a koi pond, this unique restaurant could make you and your date feel at home. After all, it was a home, which was redecorated into a restaurant. Menu consists of a combination of French and Japanese cuisines.

7. Lemuria in Quezon City Lemuria
This couple enjoys a great European romance right in the heart of QC / PicHelp:

When you walk into this restaurant, you will immediately get that European country home vibe. It is quaint and cozy, but at the same time really elegant. The menu consists of a fusion of French-Mediterranean cuisine and there’s also wine.

8. Champagne Room at Manila Hotel

If this doesn't shine romantic, we don't know what will / PicHelp:
If this doesn’t shine romantic, we don’t know what will / PicHelp:

Did we save the best for last?

Great for romantic dates – even for people who plan an engagement – Champagne Room is a great choice. With French cuisine, such as escargot, pâté, and foie gras, this is where you should take your date for a classy dinner.

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