“No man is an island.” As the saying goes, it’s true. No one can live alone by its own. With the stress level rising up, he can’t survive even with his or heightened capabilities and skills.

Everybody needs love and that element binds us, connects us to our fellow friend, kinships and partners in life. It exists and can be pictured in one’s action or words expressed. Even the simple “Be careful”, depicts concern and eventually love which is the essence of humanity. This component love is a necessity to survive and to attain a feeling or a sense of emotional stability.

Broken relationships are now obviously seen in the society. One of the biggest problems of the church and the community people has to face. Dreadful consequences brought by such observable fact threaten emotional stability of the number of individuals.

It is unhealthy being a part of a broken relationship. Its causes include misunderstanding, negligence, infidelity, and inability to fix current problems. Surely this root causes will hurt you and indescribable feeling of pain that is felt within is enormous.

Teenagers and people at the age of seeking intimate relationship have two destinations, either ending up with each other or break-up. Good for the couple if they reach the former destination. But, we can’t deny the fact that the latter is increasingly happening and is alarming. Its aftermath is alarming that leads to isolation, a change in behavior, succeeding relationships are unpredictable or unstable for one is fixated on the previous failed relationship, and others even attempt to do suicide.

One very concerning and alarming issue in the society is divorce. Couples which vowed to make their relationship last a lifetime and to the next life came to an end and doomed with its children suffering at the result of the broken relationship. Broken homes which now grew drastically, children are burdened, bullied, and has low self confidence in sustaining a healthy relationship with their future partner. And the couple suffers emotional load which will take them months or years before they fully recovered from the injuries brought by the break-up. One party or maybe both has the problem and need some repair.

A number of social relations among kinships and friends are also disturbed and is perceptible in the society. Indifference, selfishness and undesirable attitudes are common causes of disputes. Interaction then is poorly noticed and its effects are unwholesome.

Can you imagine such scenario of unstable relationships?!

In these instances, try to bridge the gap through communication, be open-minded, and don’t let selfishness consume you. You can also review your expectations and learn to forgive on the errors made by the people around you.

You may also ask the assistance of a life coach that will help you make it through the way. He/ she will help you manage your relationship, either you’re still dating or in a marriage. He will bring out the best in you and will encourage you to do your best. Through his aid, you will learn and develop your problem-solving skills to settle disputes and differences and enhances your interaction in your social world. EyetheFuture has life coaching programs which can help you.

Our imperfections make us human but repeating the same mistake is stupidity. Seek help if you need to make your life more wholesome with the people around you.