What are some infamous exotic foods that are being served in the Philippines and are craved for by the foreigners? What is the secret to the making of these exotic foods?

Inevitably, there is always a part of us that wants to go against the conventional. When it comes to food especially, most people would usually want to go for the rare and extraordinary food trip experience but the problem is, they don’t know how to start.
Preferably, one can jump start his exotic food trip experience by getting as much information as he can and afterwards, travelling to the places where these exotic foods are being served. Here are the top five weirdest but tastiest exotic foods made only in the Philippines:
1. Litsong Daga

As a rodent, these little creatures freak out most people. Yet, on some parts of the Philippines, these so-called rodents are eaten. That is, if they are ones that live in rice paddies in order to ensure that they are clean and feed only in rice and not on garbage. While most people would think of Litsong Baboy after hearing the word Litson, rats can also be cooked as a Litsong Daga.






2. Sinangag na Salagubang (Fried Beetle)

Beetles may seem like useless beings when it comes to food trips but actually, it has been a commonality in some provinces that they would include these beetles in cooking their dishes. As preferred, the tastiest and crunchiest beetles are those that live in mango trees.






3. Adobo o Ginataang Paniki (Bat Adobo)

Imagine a bat being dumped into your soup or being mixed into your supposed to be Adobong Baboy viand, don’t you think it’s disgusting? Though it may be hard to believe, fruit bats are served as delicacies on certain provinces in the Philippines. Known to feed only on Lanzones, jackfruit, durian and other tree fruits, they are considered to be one of the most succulent dishes by the travelers. However, eating fruit bats is an illegal act since they are considered as one of Philippines’ endangered species.





4. Ginataang Kuhol

Most Filipinos don’t like this because they have this common connotation that snails are disgusting and unclean. However, if cooked with the right combination of spices and immersed in coconut milk, ginaataang kuhol can be one of the most delicious exotic foods there is.






5. Ginisang Tateg (Fried Worms)

While some people can bear to eat rodents, insects and slimy creatures, just the thought of worms crawling in their plates is already very intolerable. It is considered as the top exotic foods that many people find hard to eat.

At first, just the thought of eating these exotic foods can make your stomach churn. Rest assured, however, that once you’ve tasted them, they’ll become one of your favorites.