Do you feel not contented in your life? Do you always feel that some pieces of yourself is lacking and missing in you? Do you want to experience more of it and delve strategies that will help you improve your life? These queries will absolutely make you feel not at ease or at peace.

Those thoughts will cross your mind no matter what you do and will always interfere in your daily task thus ending your day off-coloured. It will chase you even in your sleep and will cause dreadful eye bags and high level of stress. Cycle of insecurities is like taping various scenes for a movie which has a lot of cuts and retakes. Frustration wins the day and day after. In application to life, disappointment is repeated endlessly until you reach the point of perfecting the task.

Insecurity is the state of uncertainty. When one feels anxious and started to doubt himself, negative perceptions toward one thing attract negative events, ending your day in a nightmare. A sequel of events occurs as a result of your reaction to your previous undertaking. It clouded your visions and goals and in the long run, prevents you from reaching your goals or the place you deeply desire. It’s like solving a problem in the course of statistics wherein a series of operation is intellectually performed. Stress fogged your mind and if not handled well, then it’s a terrible boom. Once you failed in solving the first problem, the next operation is doomed then.

Just like children that have its roots, insecurities have also their sources— a number of them actually. These include poor perception about one’s physical image, broken family, having a sense of being not accepted, lacking in trust, and terrible personal failure. Such sources create space for low self-esteem and self-doubt. Isolation or unusual social behaviour reflects in his or her actions as a result.

If you want to get out of the cage and fly freely, then set yourself free from insecurities. How? Set your visions, your goals and your objectives in life. It may be easy to say such things but the phase of implementation requires acceptance, hard work, patience, perseverance and strong faith. If you can’t work on it alone, then ask assistance.

One necessary procedure to move on is to have self-reflection. Find a relaxing place and determine what is lacking in you and your previous failures. Many of us know our insecurities and others don’t. It’s like finding our lost selves in the dark only with the use of feeling. The part of us that failed to bloom separates and found its refuge in the corner of our hearts and with that, we can’t face the world as a complete person. We tend to be fixated and still we stand on the same ground. Once we identify these missing components, embrace those parts and accept it for it used to be a part of us. Only with acceptance, you can grow and be fruitful.

Next in line, set your visions. Think positively and live optimistically. Picture yourself the way you want it to be in the future and the place you want to go. This will serve as your drive or your motivation to pursue and this will make you feel light. Dream is free of charge. Having a sense of optimism attracts good vibrations. Set your goals and objectives that will serve as your guidelines. A big NO-NO in this part is the phrase “WHAT IF?” When you start to question, you then start to doubt yourself.

After setting your visions, work for it. Work at your best. Do what it takes to get you to that place you desire and to accomplish your visions. Be patient. Never give up and believe in your self’s capacity and skills. Gaining the profit of hard work takes time but it’s worth the struggle.

What is mentioned lately is a strategy to improve your life and is also known as life coaching or personal coaching. With it, you can improve the quality of your life in any aspect with the aid of the person known as life coach who is experienced and has the capacity to guide you, to bring who and what you really are, and help you reach the place you desired. Life coaching is an expense which the results has a lifetime value.