These organizing tips and tricks are perfect for moms or dads who have limited time to organize stuff at home. It provides quick and easy solution for the common clutter problems that seems like never-ending. The best thing about these tips is that you don’t have to shell out big amount of money. In fact, some of them don’t require you to purchase anything.

Here are some of the most easy-to-do and cheap organizing hacks for a clutter-free home. Whether you are renting an apartment or renting a home, these can certainly help you.

Use Shoe Boxes as Dividers

Shoe Box Dividers

Instead of throwing away your shoe boxes, why not use it as a divider for your large space drawers. You can cut the boxes as needed for your space.  Try it now and see how this simple hack can help you organize your belongings.

Use Picture Frame as Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Fram

Forget about buying a white board! If you have an old picture frame, you can use it as your dry erase board. Just frame a scrap of fabric, hang in a high traffic area and use a dry-erase marker to write reminders on the glass frame. It can serve as a great decoration/home accessories too if done wisely.

Use Magnets As Cabinet Organizers

Magnet Organizer

If you have a magnetic strip (or if you can buy or create one) at home, you can mount or install it inside the medicine or any cabinet door. You can use it to store tweezers, bobby pins and other grooming tools.

Use Picture Frame As Key Organizer

Picture Frame Key Organizer

If you have an old picture frame but the glass on it is not in a good condition anymore, remove it. Use the picture frame (glass removed) as a key organizer. Cover the back of the frame with fabric or any decorative paper. You can affix some hooks on it for your keys. This can serve as a home decoration too!

Use Tension Rod To Store Cleaning Products

Tension Rod

The space underneath your kitchen sink can become a good storage for your cleaning products or tools. Just secure a tension rod on it (see image) and hook on your cleaning spray bottles and scrubbers for easy access. You can even place some sort of containers or baskets directly below it.

I am quite confident that these organizing tips and hacks can instantly solve some of your clutter problems. If you have questions or hacks to add, feel free to state them via the comment section below.

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