Millennials are new consumer generation and a lot of coffee brands are working harder just to impress this age group. Having coffee for millennials have become the new norm but for an artist’s perspective, it has so much staining powers that they produce art on a canvas.

For artist Christian Gesta, 25, who was born in Cagayan de Oro City, and on one hand he does visual arts. He was born with a weak heart and deformity on his ears. He does coffee art because it gives him the satisfaction and peace of mind. He would always tell people that if not with arts he would have been gone. Gesta has a huge emotional baggage and has a day job in the corporate realm. He suffered depression for years and doing sketches and painting allowed him to channel out his anxieties and emotions through creativity.

When asked why he uses coffee as the medium for his artworks, he replied;

“I came across such medium by accident. It was not planned or rehearsed. One night I was doing random sketches and accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on what I was making. Then starting at that moment I fell in love with doing arts using coffee.”

Below are some of his art pieces:
Coffee Art Cagayan de Oro City

Coffee Art in the Philippines

Coffee Art Philippines

Philippines Coffee Art

He also does research to give him ideas about what next art to make. He also said that majority of his inspirations come from his personal perspectives and experiences. He firmly believes that an artist should do research too. He goes through artists’ pages to look at their works and learn from them. 

“From that I get ideas and learn from their respective ways of doing art. I immerse myself like I go to places where I find solitude and encounter reality. Then I would use what I experienced as a tool to make an art piece. Artists like me only want one thing and that is to freely share our stories through our art. All we want is the chance to actually be heard. I genuinely believe that it is not all about the money or the fame. I hope people would at least take a look at artworks because it speaks about reality most of the time. They might get the message striking.” –Gesta further said.

“….art for me is not really about business, but then I could not deny that it is starting to give me opportunities that I never expected would come. Few people appreciate what I do and would ask me to make an artwork for them at a certain price.” –Gesta added.

When asked what role does an Artist have in this society? “…artists are like writers or storytellers too, only that they use paints and brushes instead of words. This world is full of crap and shit that it needs a punch from creative minds. Our role is to just draw and paint what we think deserves to be shown.”

“….artists are like writers or storytellers too, only that they use paints and brushes instead of words.”

His artworks were featured in some of the local newspapers and even displayed in various coffee shops in Cagayan de Oro City. He is now working on a new set of paintings for an upcoming exhibit this December.

Check out some of his artworks in his Instagram Page

Art in a Coffee

Coffee Art


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